If you’d like to try an alternative to classic shisha, then Amfora is the perfect complement to your home.


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New face
of traditional craft

Original stoneware hookahs AMFORA are the only ones in the world made on the potter’s wheel. They are created in cooperation
with the best Czech crafters, who are not afraid of new challenges. Look at the hookahs and you will see the patience, precision, care,
and love, they was made with.
AMFORA is perfect for those who wants to be close to the nature and traditions even in a modern city room. As an original and elegant piece of art, the hookah will be attractive design element in every interior space. Be sure, it will delight your guests, both lovers of quality smoking and lovers of stylish pieces. No one can remain indifferent! We are sure, every moment with our charismatic hookahs will be full of pleasure, happiness and inspiration!

Uniqueness in
every piece

Our hookahs are inspired by nature. Just like every creation of nature, each hookah AMFORA is unique, with its own character and soul. This is due to highly creative work of our crafters and techniques used for hookah production. Manual throwing the clay results in unrepeatable attractive vases. Each vase is then decorated by glaze creating amazing unique patterns on the surface. We guarantee that you will not find another identical piece anywhere in the world! As an artistic collector’s item, hookah AMFORA will appeal to true lovers of authentic design.

Improved functionality

The hookahs are made from high-quality natural materials safe for human healthy. Besides authentic look, stoneware vase and bowl offer long-term stable smoke due to perfect thermal properties of the clay. Even in a hot summer, the water in the hookah remains cold during the whole day. Good opportunity to enjoy stable fresh taste and spend all the time with the friends instead of annoying vase refilling and extra hookah preparation! Well-considered design of hookah as well as non-toxic stainless steel components (release valve, downstem and mouthpiece core) ensure smooth smoking and simple cleaning. Wooden mouthpieces are perfectly matched with every hand. Original cutting pattern on the mouthpiece surface ensures comfortable holding. Once having experienced natural warming sensation of the wooden mouthpiece, you will never take another one in your hands!

Great beauty
in small details

AMFORA has main four hookah types with different design - Turek, Buddha, Tortuga, and Dutchman. Each one is enriched by hand-made components, such as air valve plug and mouthpiece turned from domestic or exotic wood and hose covered with genuine leather.
Two hookah types are equipped with an exceptional steel stand made by our skilled blacksmith with no welding. Each piece may also be enriched by gorgeous and comfortable hammered charcoal holder and tongs offered separately. No more red-hot coals on the floor!
AMFORA offers new dimension to practical use of hookah between smoking events. Simply arrange your favorite flowers in a special plastic tube, insert it in the hookah instead of the bowl and admire your room refreshed by original vase! This benefit will give pleasure to everyone, especially to woman.

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